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Oh god. Fml. I should really limit how much energy drinks I have because now I have stomach ache and feel like I'm gonna be sick and die. Ugh!
FIGHT! by Cartoonist15
I had to draw this! xD That fabulous rainbow hair though. .-. xD
Welp, I now ship Cartman and Heidi as well...
That moment when someone likes Onision, hates Dan and Phil, calls Phil ugly and you want to immediately fucking kill them in their sleep. Dx


Fucking hating and dissing Dan and Phil my ass! It doesn't surprise me though, Onision is pretty jerkish anyway, so she's probably just like him and he's probably her Senpai! UGH! BUT STILL, HELL TO THE FUCKING NO, BETCH! >.>

I am protective of my precious Senpais and hate Onision anyway. Just saying! >.>
Feel free to watch! :D


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United Kingdom
Hi. :33 I'm Sarah/Dimitri. ;w; I'm genderfluid and I'm sweet, can be shy, awkward, lazy, can be clingy (depends who it is), can be quiet, kind, caring, easy to get along with, can be depressing, can be stubborn (sometimes), dirty minded, weird, loyal, forgiving, friendly, forgetful, dorky, talk way too much when I am comfortable, clumsy, generous, nice (unless I am angry or annoyed), thoughtful and insecure. I'm also willing to try help friends in need, eventhough I'm bad at advice and being wise. I also get nervous, scared, embarrassed and freaked out easily. I'm always up for a laugh and I like making others laugh. However, I can also be serious.

My favourite colour is black and I hope to maybe be a professional YouTuber in the future. My current hobbies consist of looking up stuff in my current fandoms that I am obsessed with, listening to music, drawing sometimes, writing stories, making YouTube videos and shipping things easily, LIKE A BOSS!

My role model/idol/hero/senpai is Daniel James Howell a.k.a danisnotonfire. We have a lot in common and I mean, a lot! He's practically my twin, only with minor differences, such as, his favourite rapper is Kanye West whereas mine is Eminem blah blah. You get my point. However, the majority of my traits are identical to Dan, including us both having an identical personality. We have also had the same things happen to us and so forth. He also inspired me to make YouTube videos...and I also have a huge crush on him...BUT HE DOESN'T NEED TO KNOW THAT NOW DOES HE?! PSSSH! >o> Anyway, I love you Dan! >w<

Secondly, my second favourite YouTuber is Philip Michael Lester a.k.a AmazingPhil and he is also my second hero/idol/role model/senpai, although we are not similar in any way really. The only similarity we have is, we can both be shy at first, apart from that, not really. To be honest, Phil needs more love, SO GIVE HIM MORE LOVE DAMMIT! >o< I love you Phil. You're awesome! >w<

My last favourite YouTuber is Jacksepticeye a.k.a Sean Mcloughlin. He's awesome and the loud, obnoxious and funny guy that we all love. I may only watch him sometimes but I never regret it when I do. I love you Jack a.k.a Sean. :3

My current fandoms that I am obsessed with are Gravity Falls and The Phandom. I might get obsessed with more in the future, who knows? ;w;

This is my girlfriend Johanne who is also genderfluid. She is my Phil and I love her so much. Hurt her and I will literally obliterate you. ;w; :heart:

This is Mackenzie and she is an awesome friend of mine. >w<

Lukas! My long lost, Gravity Falls crazy, mystery twin! :D

This is Ariane. She's awesome and practically female Channing Tatum and I ship her with him. >w<

This is Matt. He is amazing and my best guy friend. You're awesome! >w<

Shealyn! A new friend of mine who is super awesome! >o<

Daaaaaan! My Senpai/Idol/Role Model/Hero that I love so fucking much! AGH! ;w; :heart:

Phiiiiiiiil! My second Senpai/Idol/Role/Model/Hero that I also love so much! ;w; :heart:

This bio was short but hey, hope you enjoyed reading it. >w< I love you guys. >w<

:icondanheartplz: :iconphilheartplz:

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